Reference De Graaff Carrosserie

All sales data easily registered in one customer sytem
  • CAS genesisWorld
    • module Mobile Apps


  • Improve all processes from purchasing and sales to registrations
  • Have all important information from customers with different products clearly displayed
  • Access sales data online and via mobile devices
  • Document management
  • Integrated e-mail client
  • Groupware (tasks, calls)

Nutzen und Vorteile

  • All customer data is centrally stored
  • Every product is stored in the CRM system including sales information, such as prices and descriptions
  • E-mail functions are integrated in the system and archiving can be done with one click
  • All offers are saved in the document archive
  • All communication with our suppliers is recorded
  • The customer dossier offers a total overview of the sales, support and contact history
  • New appointments can be scheduled from anywhere with the iPad app
  • All opportunities can be changed from anywhere
  • Future benefits: improved overall workflow, from opportunities to CAS genesisWorld projects


Ton de Graaff, Managing Director and Owner

"ACAS genesisWorld offers us a complete solution from quote creation to project management processes - clearly structured, user friendly and time saving.”"