25/10/19CRM study: Top results for CAS genesisWorld

Yet again, the latest Trovarit satisfaction study “CRM in Practice 2019/2020” awards top marks to CAS Software for its CRM solution CAS genesisWorld: The result is particularly strong in key areas of relevance for small to medium-sized companies.

For the fifth time in succession, CAS Software achieved an outstanding result in the CRM satisfaction studies. According to the latest study, CAS Software ranks as one of the providers in the market that maintains intensive and personal relationships with its customers.

CAS genesisWorld leads the way for SMEs
As a market leader for CRM & xRM in the German SME sector, CAS Software achieved an excellent overall grade of 1.85. The entire solution landscape for all aspects of CAS genesisWorld scores highly based on the product itself as well as the service on offer and the partner support. The results of the study therefore underline the optimum suitability of the world of solutions by CAS Software for the SME sector.

CRM offers numerous benefits
The CRM satisfaction study contains interesting information about the general benefits of CRM in companies: For instance, 72 percent of respondents indicated that CRM helps improve customer satisfaction and loyalty while 40 reported that customer acquisition was simpler as a result. For 51 percent of respondents, the benefit of CRM relates to the seamless traceability of relevant data, while 44 percent value the quick and easy access to information. The satisfaction study reveals a clear sense of satisfaction with CRM and providers in the market among respondents.

Background to the study
For several years now, the market analysts at Trovarit AG have been using their study “CRM in Practice – User Satisfaction, Benefits & Prospects 2019/2020” to monitor how companies use CRM. One key focus of the investigation was on the satisfaction of users with their CRM software and with the services of the providers. More than 650 companies were surveyed for the study and their experiences using CRM documented. The results of the study can be downloaded free of charge in the form of a Management Summary.

Further information about the CRM study along with the detailed findings can be found here.