23/11/20CRM Tutorials: Work smarter everyday

Clever CAS genesisWorld functions ease your daily work, optimize processes, and increase your efficiency.

In the new tutorial "CAS genesisWorld Outlook integration" we will show you how to quickly access important CRM information via the Microsoft Outlook embedded CAS CRM light client and thereby create your e-mail correspondence more efficiently. Moreover, we will demonstrate how experts can set up the automatic e-mail archiving functions.

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Expert knowledge: automating e-mail organization
You are already organizing, controlling, and archiving your work and projects in CAS genesisWorld? You have also already created a project-related folder structure to be able to manage the daily flood of mails efficiently? Join these two 'worlds' and archive your e-mails including all relevant links via the drag and drop function in CAS genesisWorld - while offline or online. For this purpose, you define an archiving template in the CAS genesisWorld Desktop Client and link it with the respective folder. Archiving is now quick and intuitive: simply drag the incoming e-mail into the respective folder in your e-mail client - the e-mail is automatically archived in the background.

Thereby, you can integrate the entire e-mail correspondence in your project and the corresponding dossier and create a company-wide overview of projects and customers.

Additional tip: Administrators can also define company-wide archiving rules.

Step-by-step guide: archiving e-mails via "drag & drop"

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