11/07/22CustomerSpotlight: How CAS CRM empowers the Customer Management at PRF Gas Solutions

The CustomerSpotlight series illuminates why impressive and inspiring companies use CAS CRM to successfully orchestrate business objectives.

CustomerSpotlight CRM at PRF

In this new episode we turn the spotlight on CAS Customer PRF Gas Solutions from Portugal, who is providing service excellence in the Gas downstream sector for more than 30 years. Focusing on LNG, Biogas and Hydrogen, PRF Gas Solutions is offering turn-key solutions for its customers, from project design, engineering, construction and installation, to operation and maintenance of all infrastructures and equipment in the field of fuel gases. Operating in the market for more than 30 years, PRF works in a partnership manner with its clients, building a strong, long-lasting and beneficial bond for all parties.

To organize their business more transparently and efficiently, the company relies on the CRM solution CAS genesisWorld and the local CAS partner Tecnologias Imaginadas S.A. for a professional consultation and a successful project implementation. After all, an innovative business structure and a mindset that strongly focuses on the customer are decisive factors for successful companies.

As a global information platform, CAS genesisWorld gives all employees a transparent access to all important information – anytime, anywhere. The detailed reports and the 360-degree view on the customers help to make the right decisions for sustainable success.

"CAS genesisWorld is simply amazing as it keeps all the necessary information available to everyone, even when you’re on the road”, says Moiséz Ferreira, Business Development Manager at PRF Gas Solutions.

Here are three recommendations from PRF‘s journey you can take to help you maximize the value of your customer relationship (CRM) management solution:

1. Have an eye on user experience to improve engagement
To encourage users to engage with a new software quickly, it should be simple to use and easily be integrated in the existing system landscape.

2. Select the right software
The right CRM solution should not only support your particular company processes and your individual requirements, but should be able to grow with your business.

3. Choose the right partner
A system implementation is not done overnight. Therefore, it is very helpful to have a local consulting partner who can respond quickly to questions and provide support.

Watch the full CAS CustomerSpotlight video with Moiséz Ferreira, Business Development Manager at PRF Gas Solutions and Olívio Pereira, Commercial Director at Tecnologias Imaginadas S.A., to learn how CAS CRM helps the company gain a competitive edge and how the CRM project was successfully implemented.

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