29/08/13Where IT works – CRM-expo, IT & Business and DMS EXPO trade fairs in Germany, Stuttgart

Interview with Andreas Zipser, Member of Board of Directors at CAS Software AG, about the coming CRM-expo trade fair in September.


What do you think will be the key topics at this year’s CRM-expo in Stuttgart?

CRM apps for smartphones and tablets are the key trends in 2013. You’ll see a lot of this at the trade fair as well as CRM solutions being further developed towards xRM solutions, which are the universally applicable models of customer relationship management for the future. Another strong focus will be on geomarketing and its functions, not to forget the important topics of data quality and data security.

Let’s talk about mobile CRM – can the vision to configure detailed offers “live”, during a customer meeting, already be turned into reality?

Very much so, in fact we already have, and it’s being used practically: using our CRM software together with our product configurator, the sales staff creates an offer together with their customers. And best of all they can even do this while on the move. Both employees and customers are impressed with this feature, it all adds to the overall wow-factor with respect to the customer care package. But even without the configurator, the sales staff already uses mobile CRM solutions and CAS products in their daily work, for example, on the iPad.

Everyone is currently talking about wiretapping and data mining. How do you think this influences users‘ opinions towards Cloud technology?

Even with surveillance programs like Prism and Tempora, the Cloud will not lose its attraction. Small and medium-sized companies benefit from the Cloud, because it helps them save costs with regard to IT infrastructures and operational running costs. Smaller companies do not usually have the IT infrastructures nor knowledge comparable to larger companies and organizations.

Data security depends mostly on the location where data is stored. Is your data storage service provider located in the United States (keyword Patriot Act)? Or will your data be stored in a certified high-security data center in Germany that has to comply to strict German data protection laws? The location makes a huge difference when storing sensitive customer data and each Cloud user should take that into account when investing in a solution.

The German Cloud-EcoSystem network has created  the “Trust in Cloud“ quality certificate to help decision makers when chosing SaaS and Cloud solutions.

Your company not only leads the market for CRM solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, but you also refer to yourself as an xRM pioneer. What is your definition of xRM?

xRM (“any Relationship Management“) is the natural evolution of classical CRM solutions towards universal (any) relationship management solutions.

xRM software solutions will improve relationships with customers, but also help to find the right approach with employees, business partners, media, suppliers, educational institutions, and even with competitors. A “customer-centric company“ benefits from its employees, products and processes, but also viral relationships to all stakeholders are equally important. And as such, CRM can be seen as part of xRM. These new areas of application will also be a key theme of this year’s CRM-expo.

What can fair trade visitors expect when visiting your stand (hall 3-C71)?

We show companies how to use CRM software to wow their customers and turn them into loyal fans. With the new CRM solution CAS genesisWorld x5, we have set new standards in the areas of mobility and data security.

We will be introducing the new operability concept CAS SmartDesign: it features one uniform user interface for all displays and all the common mobile devices. And in terms of B2B data quality, CAS genesisWorld customers in Germany, and later in other European countries, can make use of the recently introduced EBID feature to optimize their data quality. This unique company ID comes from Unternehmensverzeichnis.org, which is a German company directory that delivers accurate and automatically updated company data which makes it easy for our customers to maintain high quality data using a CRM solution.

We will also present our geomarketing functions that reveal hidden sales potential and offers analytical functions for CRM data in digital maps. And on top of that, we will show a number of complete industry solutions, for example, for companies working in the field of mechanical engineering, automotive suppliers and many, many more; and let’s not forget that we will bring our popular CAS PIA Cloud solution.

What are your expectations regarding the CRM-expo at the new location in Stuttgart?

I am really looking forward to the CRM-expo, having useful exchanges and enjoying the varied program at the new and modern trade fair location. It’s exciting to see the collaboration with the two other well-established expert trade fairs and I expect new synergies to develop for both exhibitors and visitors.